Sunday, April 26, 2015

I love lamp

Only one day off this weekend sandwiched between work days. So we were pretty busy today. Doug wanted to take me to this antiques store near our house to show me the place. It was pretty much just expensive garage sale junk, but I realized, my lamps are so boring compared to these gems!?!:
my personal creepy favorite:
Doug worked most of the afternoon on our fence, I filled another yard waste bin with sticks, I think one more bin-full next week and all the trimmings from my parent's help last weekend will be gone! I also spent some time laying on the couch reading the other recommendation from Joel, Where'd You Go, Bernadette? Cute, I like it. Then I made mac and cheese
I am not a mac and cheese person. I loved the $0.33 box my mom bought when we were growing up. Bright orange, 1/2 stick of butter, powdered cheese. And then I didn't like any kind anymore. But I saw this recipe and had to try it. There's just something irresistible in the words "molten cheddar."
100% milk, cheese, and white flour, how could it not be good!? It smelled amazing, and tasted pretty good. Doug enjoyed it, as evidenced by this practically empty "4-6" servings size almost gone
I think I'll end up making it again as a treat sometime. My one problem was it asks for 0.5lbs noodles, and I had a 2lb box, I thought I put in 1/4 the box, but it seemed a little dry. So maybe next time, less noodles!

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