Monday, May 4, 2015

busy week

Another busy week!
Last week included a dinner fail. I tried to make a falafel pie. It sounded good, and cost about $7 of falafel mix, hummus, yogurt, fresh veggies. But ew, watery, strange textures...
Doug's poor face when he took a bite! :(
The week also had a crafting win!
I finished my crochet project
Just in time for Leighann's baby shower this weekend. Such a nice shower! We did a cute project, everyone got a letter and drew something and a friend of hers is going to sew it into a book, what a sweet idea! Here was mine (drawing copied straight off google!)
Another proud of myself moment this week- I finally started an IV!!
Doug and I also celebrated our 6 month anniversary, and went out to dinner
I got a veggie burger (the OSG recipe is better), but very tasty with goat cheese
Doug got some delicious noodle bowl, and this very tasty hot bread appetizer we shared
the atmosphere was nice, full of cool lights we wanted to buy
we shared an apple dessert that said it had a cheddar crust, it was interesting, not my favorite
and he brought me these beautiful roses. so nice!
We also bought our tix to Alaska- so we can finish planning and getting excited for that, yay!
This morning I got a text from Liz saying her water broke, so I am on standby and can rush over at a moment's notice! This is the first week ever I was 'left off' the schedule, and so I am going to switch my days so I can be with her. Perfect! I can't believe it worked out that way! Hopefully baby boy will arrive safely!!

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  1. Your shower gift turned out so good, love it!!! And happy 6 month anniversary!!!! Time flies when you're in love, right?! :)