Saturday, May 9, 2015

May flowers

Oh my gosh, things are growing like crazy around here! It is actually quite beautiful.
You wouldn't believe it, but I trimmed so much of these bushes away this winter! But mere weeks later they are all leafy and full. So full our entire front entryway is blocked.
Which I kind of like for shady privacy into the living room, but is not so great for curb appeal.
Is that house abandoned??
I think I decided that this year I would see all that is there and next year could make changes. Altho I did cut down a couple trees I hated and knew I wanted the space for something else. Sadly the same thing would probably happen to these bushes, it seems like no one has ever trimmed them so all the growth is at the top and too much woody-ness at the bottom, I'd have to start from scratch.
So yeah, I think looking at the house from the curb is not that appealing, but once you're up close looking around it's really pretty
this gorgeous tree
these things that when they first started sprouting I was afraid I was going to have hundreds of hostas (do not like hostas) - but in fact are a really pretty delicate little flower bell thing!
and it's really pretty over by the drain spout
I bought a lilac bush plant (love) and it's been inside waiting for the frost chance to go away, and meanwhile this random bush I didn't know what it was by the fence has been growing (seriously 2+ feet in the last 3 weeks) and all the sudden it's blooming and I think now I will have 2 lilac bushes!
Good problem to have.
I am also super excited for my peony plants! Last fall my aunt brought me some of hers from Wisconsin. They were dried up old sticks and she told me to plant them. I was very doubtful. But a couple weeks ago little red points started coming up from the ground and now they are almost a foot already!
She said not to expect any flowers for 2 years, but I already see 3 tiny buds on that plant. I'm hopeful. Peonies are my all-time favorite.
There are also still 2 unknown tree things, one of them is this:
what is that tree!? I'm pretty sure next year if it's not anything good I'll pull it. But for now it gets to live and has a chance to prove itself to me.
I really want to get one of those bush/trees with those huge white pom flowers on it. We had one at my childhood home and I always liked it. Maybe next spring!


  1. Your plants and trees are so pretty!!

  2. "really pretty delicate little flower bell thing!" - that's Lily of the Valley. And the bush/tree with the big white pom flowers is Hydrangea, or sometimes called a snowball bush.