Monday, April 20, 2015

weekend update

Oh my gosh, finally I had a Saturday off! Seriously it's been almost every weekend having to work. And yeah I appreciate a day off during the week, but then getting home late, and having 2 hours with your husband and then repeating that 3 days in a row stinks. Especially since he has weekends off. Ok, enough complaining. I saw this and it made me laugh, so true. Nurses work every day of the year.
So Saturday started off right with Doug bringing me breakfast in bed. So nice! Then he went off and did a couple gutter cleaning side jobs, and then came home and did ours.
While he was gone I exercised, did laundry, and did more work raking in the garden. It was a beautiful sunny day.
When Doug came home I made my favorite veggie burgers and then we went for a walk in this nature area halfway up to my parent's city. We also stopped in to visit my friend Liz and sat chatting on her sunny deck. Then went to Doug's friend's birthday dinner.
Sunday was church, and then my parents came over to help cut down some errant tree branches and to brainstorm ideas with us for our bathroom remodel. The problem is our house only has 1 bathroom, so things have to be done very strategically so we don't have to sponge bath for too long or poop outside!
I made this meal of greek salad and pita
I didn't do the olives or quite as much shallots, and did the base of kale and spring mix. But I did do the homemade pita. (tasty, but worth the extra work? I'm not sure).
Combined with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and hummus it was super tasty and very filling.
And joyous, finally FB official, news:
This beautiful little girl is going to be a big sister!
I wish this new baby was coming next month in time for my visit, but alas, it takes time to grow babies. So who knows when I'll meet the little new niece/nephew. Only one scheduled CO trip this year. Wah. But very exciting indeed!

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  1. Isn't breakfast in bed THE BEST?! :)
    Wow you guys are really doing a ton of renos at your house, awesome!!