Monday, April 6, 2015


Today is my grandpa's 94th birthday. Wow. I called him today and asked if he ever dreamed as a boy he'd make it to 94, he said no. So I guess he exceeded his dreams!
I think this is a time they were in FL, (my Grandma isn't wheelchair bound but had a hip replacement, so needed help on the terrain)
She does have dementia though which has been pretty sad to see. To watch such a vibrant, and sassy, but also so thoughtful, loving, and wise woman become frightened and anxious and unsure. It has also been beautiful in a way to see my grandpa, the one she took care of for 72+ years of marriage, now taking care of her.
In RI at my cousin's wedding a couple years ago.
Happy birthday Grandpa! I hope your longevity passes on!

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  1. Aw happy birthday to him!! They are such a cute couple!