Monday, April 13, 2015

life lately

I can't wait till I can make my own schedule. This weekend I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 2 of them were sunny and nice... and now I have 2 days off but the people I want to spend time with are at work! Boo. Anyway. Doug was a busy boy. One side of our fence was looking super rickety and bad. So he started stealing pieces of it to fix gaps in the other side of the fence, until there was barely anything left:
His brother came over yesterday after joining Doug at church and helped him install the new one
Nice! I just came inside after an hour of raking up leaves out of the flower beds and digging up things. So much work! So much more to do all the time! Sometimes I think maybe condo/apt owners really are the smarter ones!
And finally my tomatoes are starting to grow! Still waiting on the sweet peppers and lavender
And drank this recipe Jill sent using kale
Pretty good, my pineapple could have been a little sweeter maybe.
And lastly I got the results of my latest thyroid labs back, (stop reading if you don't want to hear about 'married people stuff'). I was at work when the letter came so Doug texted me should he open it, I told him yeah and send me a picture. So I'm at work reading this:
Lol. He actually had me going for a second since I had told my doctor we wanted a family in the future, haha.

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  1. 1. I dream of having a fence like that someday!!!
    2. YES! We have to do yard work all next weekend and it makes me wish we had a condo!
    3. Bahahaha! Doug is hilarious!