Thursday, June 28, 2018

play date

My friend Rachel and I took our kiddos to this play place. We'd done it once before a couple months ago and it was cool to see how August's running/climbing skills had grown. Best part I had gotten a coupon for 1/2 off in our local mailer, so for some reason it was free! I think because August is still under 2. But that was a very nice surprise.
At one point I was at the bottom of this climb and I heard August crying so I climbed to the top. Sure enough he'd been laid flat out by that huge ball. I hugged and rocked him and asked the little kids around if they'd knocked the ball into him. It was a good lesson that sometimes when you're playing, you get hurt! This dad was climbing up with his kid and says to me "you flew up there like spiderwoman!" which was a nice compliment I guess. Hey a mom knows her baby's cry and no flight of foam steps gets in her way!
I guess I still can't get videos to play on here, but he liked running after all the basketballs.
He keeps me busy!
I read some thing recently that toddlers/preschoolers are supposed to have active play 5-8 hours a day (and it said preferably outside) to stimulate and grow their proprioceptive reactors or something. That number seemed so high to me. And being outside that long isn't even realistic unless I want him to get skin cancer at 10. But the main idea of the article was to let kids play, occasionally get hurt, but to move and learn to use their bodies. So places like this are great.

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