Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"Father's Day"

We celebrated on Friday, since I had to work Saturday and Sunday, hence the quotes. We started our day with a delicious breakfast of eggs and chocolate chip banana bread and then headed to the Zoo. Man it was crowded! And hot! But we had fun.
no likey the fake dinosaur
First carousel ride!
Looking at giraffes
prairie dogs!
Fun with water froggies
Zipped into the Penguinarium before we left
Family photo. That kid photobombing in the back makes me laugh, his mother was taking our picture so he was probably wondering who we were :)
That evening we tried a new restaurant for dinner. It was nice we sat outside as August remains in a huge, annoying, food throwing phase. So less to clean up. It was nice to spend the day as a family and celebrating Doug. He is such a great husband, and I couldn't ask for a better dad for our son. He's patient when I'm losing it, he is fun, he is helpful, he leads us all closer to the Lord, and he loves us and is faithfully here in the mess with us. I love that.
The work weekend was ok, and I got to call my own dad and talk to him too. I'm also thankful to have such a great dad!
And we are back to everyday life. August had a growth appointment today, he's gained weight and inches so the growth specialist wasn't worried. It is hard though if he already fell from his growth chart (prompting the growth specialist), and now he's super picky and hardly eats meals, so it remains something that we have to keep coming every 6 months for. I'm thankful he's healthy though.
Feeling some stress with stuff at work and wondering about switching up my job or not. Kinda want to, but really, really, really, do not want to work midnights. So asking myself if it's worth the short term (1+ years) sacrifice to be in a specialty or not. Prayers appreciated!


  1. Is August considered underweight? I didn't know you guys were having issues with that. :-(

  2. Not really, but he had fell out of two of this growth chart curves so had to see specialist. They both were pleased at his latest check ups.