Monday, February 1, 2016

weekend update

I can tell by my 3 'weekend update' posts in a row I just haven't been feeling much like blogging. Well it is what it is.
I went and saw Stan (my counselor) a week ago. Just been feeling down, for awhile. We talked about married life (good, Doug, good), and my job (thankful for it, but less good), and future stuff (unknown). It was good to talk to him. I wish there was a quick fix, but probably not. So we'll see, as I write in my nursing notes, "will continue to monitor".
Today I am 34 and a half. I shall bake myself a cookie!
And today is 1 year 1/4 years married, another cookie! jk about that second cookie... or am I...
Anyway, another weekend at home. Doug was feeling a little sick, and I was just feeling lazy. We watched a netflix movie and ate stuff in bed one afternoon. Saturday we went to an event at a local church where men break stacks of bricks and share their testimony, it was cool. Afterwards we went to a friend's for a bonfire.
Sunday we checked out a new church, it sponsors (or runs?) a homeless shelter too so the crowd was a nice mix of people. And the pastor was really good about preaching the truth and not sugar-coating things. I liked the blend of hymns with contemporary music. All in all it was a "will try again".
After church we went to Pei Wei. So good. Did a couple errands and I think came home and watched another movie in bed. Lazy bums!
Doug has become obsessed with pretzel buns so he was making all kinds of combination sandwiches and grilling them in his little quesadilla maker.
Today I went to a hard class at the gym, been working on the budget, laundry, and need to do some homework. This class I'm in now is not very interesting and it's been hard getting motivated. Looking forward to watching Bachelor with my girlfriends tonight.
Also, this makes me smile. I got this flower last summer as a bridal shower prize and today, during the winter, it is still blooming. So pretty.

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  1. Wow that flower is so pretty! I wish there was a quick fix too, sorry you are feeling down. I hope things will get better soon and this is just a season!