Tuesday, August 25, 2015

weekend update

Friday... seems like so long ago. I think Doug and I planned on the whole day to work on our bathroom. We ended up just putting up the last shard of drywall. He made me breakfast in the am, we ran errands and went out for lunch, got new brakes put on my car, worked on the dresser, it was a nice day not working on the bathroom!
Saturday I worked till like 8:30pm, I was tired. I came home and Doug had his guy friends over, they were playing glow-in-the-dark frisbee. I'm glad he has good friends. I think I snuggled September and finished (re-)watching Eclipse.
Sunday was checking out Jill's church, I had kinda thought it wasn't for us but it is a really good church. Had a good convo with the pastor after the sermon. Turns out the Christian Missionary Alliance is super similar to the Assembly of God (Doug's background) with the one difference being the part I don't agree with about Assemblies of God! It was kinda crazy, the pastor was explaining the difference to us, and I was elbowing Doug. Anyway, the church is small, we don't want a mega-church, but we are hoping for similarly aged/situated couples to 'do life' with, amongst other church "wish list" things. After church we went out for lunch with Jill and then I went over to Rachel's to learn to make and can tomato jam. It was a really nice afternoon.
I came home and Doug had mudded all the nail holes and started papering the cracks!
tomato jam :) super delicious on crusty baguette and sharp cheddar... mmmmm
Monday was Jill's birthday. She, her bf, and I rode our bikes 9 miles to a mexican restaurant where another friend met us up for lunch. We were there some 2+ hours talking, eating, and laughing. It was fun altho I think Jill's bf was too overwhelmed by girl talk, he kept saying never again, haha. We biked back and I came home to make dinner for Doug.
I made the Sweet Corn and Zucchini pie again, again tasty, but this time I used just regular cheddar and provolone, and it wasn't quite as good as when I used the 'fancy' Irish cheddar
I made these no-bake cookies Liz has been making a lot (why do I even bother, mine are never as good!)
I had bought this coconut oil from Meijer, I hesitated a lot, because, well, Crisco, but it was organic (and on sale) so I got it. Liz sent me some info about coconut oil where the virgin one has the coconut smell/flavor, but one of the processes uses a lot of heat and chemicals to actually get the oil out, so it's not the most environmentally friendly oil. I can't actually remember which one was ok to get. I wouldn't get this one again, it creeped me out how it turned into these weird small globules. My TJ oil when it was below 76* would turn into a white creamy oil, this one looked 'unnatural'. Plus I actually like the hint of coconut flavor.
Lastly I prepped this dinner for one of my work nights, I had made pinto beans in the crockpot, and then just added sauteed zucchini and onions, topped with can of enchilada sauce and cheese and it's ready to bake!
Today was the last day of my 'long weekend'. I met up with a nursing school friend for breakfast, which was so nice. I really want to do some sort of discipleship thing with her, but I don't know how! And I'm afraid. And we live like 30-40 mins apart. But from talks during school I felt like she is somewhat open. I think at least start by trying to get together more regularly.
After that I went over to Liz's and we salvation army shopped for clothes for this little (big!) guy. This 3 month old is already in 9-12 month clothes

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  1. All your food looks so tasty!!! You are inspiring me to get back in the ktichen, I have curry chicken prepped for tonight! :)