Monday, April 29, 2013

note to self

delicious lentil soup made by my friend Rachel
delicious flamin' hot cheetos I was unable to resist at the grocery store today
going for a run shortly after
having a really hard run and feeling nauseous.
lesson learned!
Plus maybe I need to start wearing a visor or something, half an hour outside and my freckles are multiplying already! :(
Today is a big 'catch up' day. This weekend I had clinical on Friday night, spent most of Saturday helping my friends with a landscape project and hanging out with them, and Sunday all I did was go to church, watch Les Mis with Jill and try to read about respiratory diseases. But during reading one chapter I ended up taking 2(!) naps and then decided to go read The Hunger Games for the fourth time instead of my homework. So now I have to buckle down! Only 2 weeks left!

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