Wednesday, December 30, 2015

the part time life

Yesterday I worked and so Doug had a couple guy friends over. I appreciate that he tries to keep my days off work free so that we can spend our evenings together.
He'd spent some time this last week following a youtube tutorial on how to make a silencer for his paint gun. He was so excited. So this was a picture of our yard:
Yes it has a hick-ish feel to it, but I love that Doug was so excited about his gun and his guys night and how he set up a little shooting range. Fun.
I'm definitely enjoying my part-time schedule. Today I was able to go with some friends and meet Molly's new baby.
I had followed a youtube tutorial of my own and figured out how to crochet a flower.
I was so proud!
Sewed it onto a headband from the dollar tree
And there she is! Pretty little baby girl.

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  1. I love your backyard! I would kill for a fence like that! And your headband turned out amazing!!!