Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mantle Makeover

This mantle makeover has been a long time in the making.
The old mantle, piled with large picture frames, including one with Doug's face on someone's body, and shower gifts. The half wall is real bricks and looks like there should be a fireplace there, but no, just a half wall of bricks.
First thing was painting the mantle white. Which I mentioned to Doug, but he wasn't so happy to come home one day and see that I actually did it. Sorry!
He had these huge picture art frames and his friends would come over and draw with dry erase markers on them. Kinda funny actually. I think that is nurse Anne up there doing something
boys..... lol
Well, I painted those frames white and since Doug wasn't too attached to those sea faring pictures, I got a picture blown up from our wedding and had a mirror put in the other one.
I painted that stuff before we were even married; a few months into marriage Doug moved out the air hockey table. Too big and people didn't really play. Then the fooseball table went in that room. Everything got piled back onto the mantle and there it stayed pretty much a whole year.
Then one day Doug said we could also move the fooseball table out. Yay! No one was playing that either and it just takes up a lot of room.
So now we have another more sitting area/den. And I finally got around to actually hanging the pictures and my gallery wall is finally complete
And then we put up our Christmas decorations.
we got this nice lighted garland last year from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I like it, but now you can't really see our reindeer stocking holders. And no holder for Miss September's stocking at all!
little decorated corner
my decorator taking a break
a closer look at the sides of the mantle. Painted that pallet wood sign, found a frame with burlap inside and pinned dollar tree blooms in it (altho Doug didn't like that, so replaced it with a key that's actually a bottle opener favor we got at a wedding), also a small frame with our vows that was my 1 year anniversary paper gift to Doug
Other side: a canvas print of a picture from our glacier tour in Alaska, the Alaska sign Joel and Michelle made for me, a picture of flowers my cousin painted as a wedding gift, the shadowbox of wedding memorabilia, and window style frame of all of us and our siblings/families.
I love this. Our wedding invitation and program card, a boutonniere, the birds my dad made that were our cake toppers, and one of the birdseed hearts that were our wedding favors
us and our siblings and their families
the tree
nativity scene I picked up from a farmer's market when visiting my friend Jill in Kentucky years ago
(with the key)
Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Anne, you did such an awesome job! I love it!!!!