Friday, December 4, 2015

day off

This morning, after raking the last bits of leaves and picking up branches down after the heavy snow I went and got a massage.
As someone who went to school for massage, I don't know why I get one so rarely. Like less than once a year (not counting the lovely backrubs from my sweet husband).
Where the magic happened.
It felt wonderful and I tried hard to relax. I don't know if anyone else is like this, during massages I find myself constantly wondering what the therapist is going to do next and how many more minutes I have left. But I tried not to think of it and just take deep breaths. There was one part where after getting stuffy/congested from my face being down in that little hole, he flipped me over and put a wash cloth with peppermint on my face to clear the sinuses. And he made some joke like "it's just oil, don't worry I'm not going to knock you out with chlorophyll." Which of course is what a leaf uses to complete photosynthesis and he meant chloroform the anesthetic. Anyway, I didn't correct him and then I felt like I should have because what if this is his famous joke he makes every massage?? He should know he's using the wrong word. By the time I thought about all this it would have been super awkward to be like "hey remember your joke from 10 minutes ago?..." Anyway, it was a great massage and the peppermint oil really did clear me up. He kept calling me 'your highness' which was unnecessary of course, but it did contribute to the feeling of being pampered, haha.
I came home and saw another StitchFix box waiting for me.
Yes. I've already posted two 'last Stitch Fix' blog posts. But I think Thanksgiving-ish they sent me a letter like we're thankful for our customers, here's a free styling fee! That way there is no $ spent if I don't like it. And they finally got me.
not with this horrible sack-like sweatshirt made out of rough burlap fabric
not with this either, altho this is usually my style, I have borderline too many stripes now
not with this "party in the back"
ugly frumpy librarian in the front
but with this sweet little purple cardigan
I actually liked the jeans they sent me too, but those were almost $80. So no. Even this sweater was $48, which is hard for me to spend that much. Doug talked me into it. And then when I hit the check out button, I forgot if you keep something (since I have never kept anything), they deduct the styling fee of $20, but since that was a gift to me anyway it was $20 cheaper. Even better!
The rest of the day we are going to head over to the library to get a card for me. My old one finally expired and now I'm in the poor county. Sad! And I have an afternoon of painting doors ahead of me. Noooooo! But it needs to be done. Then double date tonight with Josh and meeting his girlfriend. He's finally moving out next week. It hasn't been bad at all actually, but I'm looking forward to being able to use the spare room again, all our stuff has been piled in the one room and making things feel cluttery. So that will be good. Then I'm working the weekend.


  1. That first sweatshirt looks so good on you!! Glad titch fix finally came through. -sumeera