Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I copied this idea from someone's blog I saw about a year ago.
I'm not a very good original thinker, but am an awesome copier :)
a little interference with my thread
I was pleased.
This little kitty cracks me up. My mom and I went shopping and found her a sweet little sweater.
But she hated it.
She slunk around the house miserable until we took it off. This cat just wants to be free.
Little supervisor kitty:
She knows she's not supposed to be on the counter, so she will sit on the trash can and 'supervise'. Haha. Makes me smile. Make sure you get all that skin off the pineapple!! Meow!!


  1. Ahhh Sept in her sweater, the CUTEST!!! Bummer she hated it :(

    Also, love the craft! I'm an excellent copier as well!