Monday, November 30, 2015

handy hubby edition - media shelf

Our incline hiker is almost finally ready to go. (word to the wise: never buy nordic track!!) This saga began when we ordered it in June, it came, brand new with both lift kits needing to be replaced and in need of a new roller. The guy fixed the lift kits, but NT sent the part for the front roller and it needed the back one, doh!, so still we wait for the part and for the guy to come out one last time. Pretty sad their brand new product needed 3 things replaced. The hiker came with a touchscreen monitor and it can go online, but I seem to have problems with it dying mid- whatever I'm doing. So Doug built me a shelf to go on the wall and then I can set the laptop up there or the portable DVD player. Awesome! No more craning my neck over to the desk to watch something.
He went to get the brackets and a shelf from Lowes but all their 'new' shelves were scratched. Pallet wood to the rescue!
Ready to go!
Other pics from this weekend:
It's been too long since chocolate chip cookies!
Reindeer kitty did NOT like her new hat. Um... return policy on like-new cat hats??

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