Monday, November 9, 2015

the great shower curtain debate

I cannot for the life of me find a shower curtain I like. I started out with the one I registered for, but the grey didn't match the walls. Then got one at B, B & B but it was too white and made my white cabinets look yellow.
too white
too flowery according to Doug
this is actually ombre, but it has too many little lines in it
too blah
Josh (our current roommate) got us that rug, but I just don't know about it either.
This weekend was low key, raked leaves together, saw the Martian, went to a church doing a series on marriage, grocery shopped. As I was looking at potatoes with Doug my body was encircled in a hug by leather jacket arms. I just stood there waiting for Doug to tell me who it was, but he never did! Finally the hug stopped and I see it is my friend Jill! Haha. He said Jill's face was too short and buried in my back for him to see who it was. Anyway, had a nice grocery store chat with her and her bf. Always nice to see her, even if for 15 minutes. Came home, worked on homework, and Liz and Mark came over for dinner. I was imagining a delicious cheesy gooey beefy macaroni dish, but it was just kinda ok. So I won't even share the recipe.
Probably shouldn't even share these lame pics, but already uploaded.. so here ya go.
Meat, milk/cream, and tomatoes
sauteed onions and peppers with spices and tomato paste
unappetizing blob of noodles
ta-da, wah waaaah. Part of the problem was I didn't have a big enough pan (who has a 6 qt dutch oven?!) Nor do I have room to store such a monstrosity. So I'm not sure if my noodles to fluid ratio got mixed up when I was dividing into 2 pans. Seemed like it could have been creamier.
Alas, we ate it, and played this fun game Codewords. Nice weekend.

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  1. Picking a shower curtain is hard! I always have luck at Target, they have cute options. It is a tough decision though, but man your bathroom looks so GOOD!