Friday, November 6, 2015

latest eats

I was a bit more on top of my game last week and I prepped a couple meals for when I was going to be working this week. I made these tasty lentil sloppy joes
And I also made this spicy bean bowl. It was pretty good.
Also I finally worked up the nerve to go ask my neighbor if I could pick some of her apples.
Success! Thank you!
I peeled them all, found no worms I'm happy to report and made a very tasty applesauce.
Yesterday at work I actually had a 'good' day. Wow, it only took 7 months! I must be getting a little better at task management, I still need to study up on some stuff I forgot, but it was a good day. Then came home and Doug had got pizza and that DVD Spy from redbox. Yay! The movie was runny (altho waaaaay too many F bombs). But it was a nice relaxing evening.
Today, sadly, one of my cousin's got divorced. I've kind of been trying to help her through this for over a year now and her court date happened to be on a day I (and Doug) were off. So we went down and sat there with her for support. I feel so sad for her. I can see how faithful God has been to her so far, and I continue to pray for complete healing for her heart. I know He can.
It feels like it was a pretty heavy day and I'd like to stay home and relax, but we already had plans with Doug's parents to take us out to dinner for our anniversary. So, I guess sometimes you just roll with it. The rest of the weekend is pretty low key for us, and we are looking forward to it.

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