Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving & something that's been bugging me

I took not a single picture over our two Thanksgivings. But they were nice. Real thanksgiving we went down and spent the afternoon/evening with my vegetarian aunt and uncle and their kids, my parents came too, and we had a super delicious Veggie-giving. Spinach/currant/walnut phyllo triangles, a baked yam and apple dish, mashed potatoes, cabbage salad, brussel sprouts, lentil and wild rice salad, cranberry salad, and for dessert homemmade pumpkin pies and a chocolate sourdough bread pudding made by my chef cousin. Yum. We walked around the neighborhood and then the cousins played games at night. Very fun.
Last night we went up to my parents for a more traditional dinner, Doug's parents and brother came too. We had a turkey, sweet potatoes, kale salad, corn muffins, mashed potatoes, and cheesy vegetables. More pumpkin pie and apple pie too. Then we played a fun game that Doug's mom could not seem to get the hang of, but it was fun.
We have so much to be thankful for. Praise God.
I have a nice stretch off work and am working on lots of little painting projects that stand in the way of a couple big projects being completed. So pretty soon now!
One thing that's been bugging me pretty much since I got this at our shower last year:
notice anything?
how about now?
a couple pen marks later and:
aaaahhh, much better.
And one pic from this morning:
Doug's breakfast :) I like the eyebrows.
alright, back to painting!

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