Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Mudroom Makeover - part 1

Our cluttered shoe corner has bugged me for a long time. This tiered shelf was better than the previous mat covered in shoes, but September would hide in the first level and then dart out the door into the garage and then we'd be late after trying to coax her back inside.
I think the final irritating straw was one morning trying to leave for Bible study, and September cut me off and my bowl of cereal spilled into my slipper. Rrrr
After looking awhile for a bookcase on CraigsList, but unable to find one the right size I wanted, I decided to build my own. One trip to Lowes for supplies, and one trip up to Dad's workshop, and together we built a shoe shelf.
my rough drawing, and parts- we cut these finial tops and used them for little feet
drawing out the plan and making a cut list for the pieces
I didn't get many action shots. Mainly we cut all the pieces, took them to the barn to use the router for the edges, sanded everything. Then came back to the shop and glued/nail gunned everything together.
It took maybe about 5 hours including lunch? Dad said he liked helping me with this project, and being able to finish something in a day as most of his projects (he builds pipe organs) take months or years.
primer, 2 coats white latex paint, and a sealer topcoat later
like a glove!
Much much better. I'm still planning on putting a little hook on the side to hold a shoehorn (do I sound like an old grandma now? But they are useful!) but otherwise it's done.
Part 2 of the mudroom makeover will be a ways from now. Planning on making a craft desk for the other side of the room, and haven't really had the time to do that yet. Still painting doors to replace our bedroom ones, and the bathroom door is up, but still no trim. Slowly but surely!


  1. Wow- very impressive! Our shoes are just on a mat by the door right now and I HATE it!

  2. Wow so impressive! It looks AMAZING!