Monday, December 14, 2015

meeting my new baby niece

A month or so ago I spotted a flight to CO for $108. I had to wait for my work schedule to be published, and when it finally was it went up to $190. But it was still cheaper than the $300+ I usually pay to go to CO so I snagged it up to fly out for a quick weekend to meet my new baby niece.
I quickly noticed why the fare was so cheap. I guess Frontier is the new Spirit. Look at this tray table.
Which I guess is irrelevant as there is no snack or water provided to put on that little shelf, and no wi-fi for your laptop. The seats are even more narrow and don't recline at all. No movies. They also now charge for carry on bags too. So my cheap flight was not quite as cheap as I had hoped. I guess if I got that $108 fare it would've still been worth it if I could've packed everything into 1 backpack (that'd be free) and byo snack. But otherwise, will not be flying Frontier again.
Anyway, despite that unpleasant first bit, the visit was wonderful. Short but sweet. My brother picked me up and we were able to catch up. The visit was filled with lots of time with little girls, Chick-fil-A breakfasts, early Christmas with them, crafts with my sister-in-law, and just nice downtime with them.
I made those little pants 2 years ago for big sis
Molina is such a sweet fun girl and so smart. She's 2 years 2 months and already talking in full sentences and very curious about the world. It was fun to see my brother and his wife and see what wonderful parents they are.
Everyone is coming here in March for mom's 70th/retirement party. I'm really looking forward to us all being together and to see again how much the girls will have grown in just 3 more months.

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  1. Being an aunt is the BEST! They are both such sweet girls!!