Saturday, December 19, 2015

Star Wars Saturday

Doug and I had a nice little date day today.
Exercise, breakfast, shower and then headed to a morning matinee of the new Star Wars. 10am and it was packed! I was irritated because is it really fair (and theater etiquette) to save like a whole row of seats for your friends while other people (there on time mind you) get stuck in the front rows?? I felt like hurling those coats to the floor.
Anyway, despite the craned necks we did enjoy the movie. I was reading that some people cried during it (??) Doug and I liked it but we were also thinking isn't this a lot like episode 6? A huger version of the death star, same shield system that the Rebels can breech and destroy their entire plan/huge warship. People in the theater were also clapping and cheering when an old character would appear on screen, altho no one did for Luke Skywalker. Poor Luke. It seems like Chewie aged the best. One other thing I thought was weird was when that antagonist character unmasked himself I guess I was imagining a super hot guy underneath, maybe like an Edward Cullen look-a-like, but then it was a geeky looking guy with big nose and moles. I think someone who was supposed to be Hans' son would have been better looking! Anyway, worth seeing if you're a Star Wars fan.
After the movie we went to this super tasty Indian restaurant and got samosas and split butter chicken. Then headed to Lowes for trim for the ol' bathroom project. We've been working on it this afternoon, but still not finished. We got a nail gun for the trim, but then it looks like my air compressor from Grandpa hardly works. Nooo!
Looks like Doug has a coupon for a new one from Harbor Freight, so off we go back to the store again! :)

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