Friday, January 1, 2016


Happy new year!
One gets the feeling they may not have done very well on their 2015 goals if they can't even remember them and have to go to an old blog post... oh well.
My goals from 2015:
- get a full-time nursing job Sort of, I ended up getting a part-time job but I'm glad it worked out that way
- start a RN -> BSN program by the end of the year Yes! I have 2 classes down and I think 7 to go
- read that dang investing book! (and learn more about savings/retirement) Yes! I read Millionaire Teacher, switched my Roth IRA over to something that will not take as many fees as managed mutual funds, and automated my bank to make deposits. I still have to go in there and actually purchase the ETFs, until I can figure out if I can automate that, but a big step from last year! (thanks Joel!)
- we'd like to do a bathroom remodel, maybe attempt part of it ourselves? Almost completely done!
- pick a church, Doug and I are doing a half-and-half scenario, and neither of us want to do that forever Sadly no, we did go to my church straight for 3 months but it just wasn't the right fit for Doug and I together so the search continues
- I keep thinking about group exercise certifications, and I saw a program for group exercise for senior citizens, and I've been thinking about this. I really do like that population and believe in fitness. I'm not sure the class times will work with whatever work schedule I get.. but I'm thinking about this Nope. This has moved to the backburner. I'm in nursing school and with work and other life that pretty much takes up all my brain
- another big trip for 2015! Ideally I'd like to do one US trip (and/or family visit) and one passport stamp a year, but we'll see. We went to Alaska! We did a fun road trip to Missouri for a wedding and then to Oklahoma to see another friend. And I went on two trips to Colorado. And several mini Michigan trips. So that was great! No passport stamp this year tho.
2015 was a great year.
I also learned and did fun things that I didn't know how to do such as crochet, made tomato jam, and then learned to can. Bonus!
So 2016 goals:
- finish out my BSF Bible study strong. I wanted to join this study but I never want to do the homework and most of the time don't want to actually go to the study! Altho I am always happy when I'm there.
- read the entire OT straight through
- re-do the front landscape in our yard
- passport stamp!! Doug and I are in the early trip planning stages
- do a devotional guide several evenings a week with Doug either over dinner or before bed
- finish a couple books that I am only halfway through: Emotional Spirituality, Made to Crave, and some marriage ones I have on the nightstand
- find a church to attend and get involved in together, preferably in the first half of the year
- And probably like many others, I would like to lose about 5lbs. I feel healthier and have more energy at that lower weight.
Looking at these I feel like my bar isn't super high, a lot of stuff to help me in my spiritual journey and who I am inside, which always needs work. No goals to invent anything or cure anything, but would love to further relationships and friendships along the way and learn new skills. Always good. These goals are definitely attainable. Hopefully the year will be full of these and so much more!

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