Monday, January 18, 2016

weekend update

And by "weekend" I pretty much just mean Friday as I worked all weekend. But Friday was a good day. Jill and Becks came over in the morning for breakfast. Which ended up being brunch as my quiche took forever to bake. It said bake 35 mins, yeah right, it ended up being over an hour and was just ok. Anyway, the time with Jill was nice.
Becks and September remain wary of each other.
Thursday Doug went with me to sign up at LA Fitness. I really liked my personal training group exercise class last week, but when I did the math it would cost me $248 a month. Um, no. So I started thinking about it and found out that LA Fitness was only $30 a month. I think I'll still do the bulk of my exercising at home, but they have cycle and bootcamp classes and I will aim for 1-2 classes a week. I love that it is only 5 minutes away and will get me doing exercises I am not used to while also pushing me more than I push myself. Also those classes are usually 45-60 minutes so that's also longer than I would do at home. I'm excited.
After brunch with Jill on Friday we went to Doug's parents to borrow their van. We were on a quest to Ikea to look for a new couch. Doug's dad wanted to come with us so the 3 of us headed off to Ikea. I was worried with a third person he'd be rushing me or opinionated and I was pleasantly surprised that wasn't the case at all. Unfortunately Ikea did not really have anything really great. Their catalogs look so nice, but in person everything seemed much smaller and sometimes cheap looking. We got lunch there (my vegetarian sweet potato and quinoa meatballs were good, but Doug's meatballs he said were pretty meh) and ended up only buying this cute little $1 mouse for September.
Speaking of mice, chewed bags and droppings have been spotted in our pantry. :( I'm trying to think of a scenario where we can just co-exist. Like storing all our food in glass/plastic containers, Doug thinks they might be in the attic and they could just live up there while we live down here. But then I keep thinking of them multiplying and multiplying until our house is dripping and crawling with them. And I heard they can chew thru electrical wires and stuff like that. So Doug bought some mousetraps. But I saw them on the counter and there is this little drawing of a curious sweet little mouse looking into the trap as the bar is about to decapitate him and I started crying. I would love for Doug to get live traps, and build a little mouse condo and we could stock it with old rags and food and take it out into the woods. He was not as excited about that plan. I think he's just going to kill them and not tell me. Which is not great either, but how many more options are there? :(
So yeah.
We also went to a couple more furniture stores with Doug and his Dad. Maybe those salespeople don't work on commission anymore because no one was willing to barter. So home we went. We ended up looking online and found on the art van website a couch very similar to the one we'd seen, and cheaper than the store prices, we figured it would be close enough to the one we tested and we bought it. Coming in February. So that was good. We have a futon in that spot, but now the futon will go over into the mantle room and the new couch will go in the living room.
Then worked all weekend. Both days I had 6 patients which pretty much guarantees a rushed day and feeling always behind. But there were moments of good times. I had this cute little old man patient who everytime I came in the room he'd ask me if I was married and how many kids did I have, and why didn't I have kids, and I should have kids. Haha. I told him I had a husband and a cat and showed him the above picture and he says "which one is your husband?" and I said "the one that's not a cat!" and kept laughing about that all day. In his defense he is an old man and it was a small phone picture with Doug up in the corner, but I thought it was so funny.
So today I'm back to catching up with bills, groceries, and homework. Always something to do!

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