Wednesday, January 13, 2016

part-time life

I really appreciate being able to work part-time and have time for the rest of life. I'm sorry if it seems I'm rubbing this luxury in all the full-timers faces, not trying to, just saying I really appreciate it. Especially in this season I'm going thru where I feel easily overwhelmed, its nice to have a slower pace and time to recover in between work shifts and time to do things that are important to me like sleep, exercise, read my Bible, and cook for and spend time with Doug.
I've been an steady exerciser for about 20 years (wow!) and I feel strong and for the most part fit/healthy, but I'm carrying around a little extra and it bugs me. This year I would like to lose it. So I went and saw a personal trainer. And today was a group exercise class in the morning. It was tough! I really like my home-workouts and can get a pretty good variety of exercises, but the class was intense and I pushed myself harder than I would at home, so it might be a good thing for me.
I found out about this personal trainer through a girl I went to nursing school with and she was in the class. After class I invited her over for an impromptu lunch and she said yes. So it was really nice to catch up and visit with her.
Then my mom has been asking me for help with making a photo book, so she came over. We designed a flyer for her church, and made business cards, and got her started with making her photo book.
Tonight was supposed to be book club, but a couple of the friends are sick/tired/needing babysitters I guess so we rescheduled. It stinks because I had already bought meat and was preparing food for tonight, but instead I'll cook it for me & Doug, and (our old roommate/houseguest) Thor is coming over and we'll have leftovers.
It was just a nice slow paced day and I enjoyed it!

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  1. So jealous of your part-time schedule! Sounds amazing!!