Monday, January 5, 2015


Happy New Year!
A new year, time for some new ideas and goals. And time to reflect back on 2014. What a big year it was for me! It's so neat to be able to look back and see all that God did.
My goals for 2014 were:
- graduate nursing school - YES!!
- pass N-CLEX - YES!!
- get full-time nursing job - nope, not yet
- take an awesome trip this summer - YES!! Florida, Colorado, and Hawaii!
- read an investing book - nope
- make healthy relationship decisions - YES!! married the nicest guy I've ever met!
For 2015 I don't have very many concrete goals in mind actually right now, but Doug and I do have ideas and plans for this year.
This is what I've got:
- get a full-time nursing job
- start a RN -> BSN program by the end of the year
- read that dang investing book! (and learn more about savings/retirement)
- we'd like to do a bathroom remodel, maybe attempt part of it ourselves?
- pick a church, Doug and I are doing a half-and-half scenario, and neither of us want to do that forever
- I keep thinking about group exercise certifications, and I saw a program for group exercise for senior citizens, and I've been thinking about this. I really do like that population and believe in fitness. I'm not sure the class times will work with whatever work schedule I get.. but I'm thinking about this
- another big trip for 2015! Ideally I'd like to do one US trip (and/or family visit) and one passport stamp a year, but we'll see. Doug only has 2 weeks vacation time all year, and I'll probably not get much more.
We'll see what else God has for 2015, I'm excited for it!


  1. 2014 was a really good year for you! Love it!!! Cheers to 2015!!!

  2. Lots of great goals for 2014... I need some good ones for 2015.
    Have you and Doug done Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class? Would be a great one to do together. And one of the chapters is on savings, retirement, etc. Probably recommends good resources in that chapter.

    1. we've each done it separately. but yeah, i have that book, should be reading now with all this time I have!