Saturday, January 17, 2015

cooking lesson

Another busy week, and this is from the girl who doesn't have a job right now! But this week I did go on 2 interviews, and I have one more scheduled for next week. I'm hoping I get the first one, but we'll see, maybe God will open a different door.
So after a week of watching season 5 of Alias (which I thought I hadn't ever seen) it was starting to look familiar... and maybe I did see it after all. But since most of my watchings were while I was also exercising or crafting, I guess that's ok.
I tried to officially change my name, what a pain. So I have my new SSA card, but when I went to Sec of State they said they needed a certified marriage license copy, so another hoop to jump through. Geez, there is absolutely no incentive to changing your name whatsoever.
Doug's parents bought a bunch of furniture a couple months ago and the store sent them a $40 gift card. We were in the market for a floor lamp so we all went to see what we could find. Turns out all their floor lamps were like $200+ so we were starting to leave until the sales guy directed us to a 90% off table, score! We got 2 big down-filled couch pillows, 2 candlesticks, a Christmas decoration, and 2 little Christmas decoration birds. Yay!
That same night I had seen a thing in the newspaper for a cooking class demo at the library so Doug and I went.
This chef was talking about healthy cooking and did a demo of a stirfry with tofu.
be gone hated mushroom!!!
But otherwise quite tasty and I feel a bit more inspired to cook again.
Also this week I hung out with Jill, we made that biriyani and now I feel more confident to try it again on my own. And I went up to my parents to work on a crafting project, halfway done! This morning we went to breakfast with Mark and Liz and I have been really busy around the house while Doug had to go in for some OT. Doug and I have also been doing little projects around the house that have been bugging me, like hanging up pictures, hanging up the ironing board, nails to hang the broom on, stupid little things, but make life easier and less cluttery. AND one of my goals from years ago (goal to make some food people request) finally came true, I heard Liz say "my cookies aren't as good as Anne's" Yes! Muah ha ha, the tables have turned! ;) ....on one batch of cookies specifically, but I'll take it!
And I finally made something delicious from my 'on the verge of being deleted blog girl' this spicy acorn squash was super good. I wasn't sure if you were supposed to eat the skin? But I had washed mine good and as long as it was a thin slice it seemed edible. So good! Need more squash!

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