Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the handy hubby edition

Doug and I have a to-do list for the house with a couple 'big' projects. We are planning one bigger project per month and then smaller ones as we can. This last weekend he did these:
Installed an under cabinet towel holder, saving counter space. I liked this model, it has some racheting technique so that only one square comes at a time instead of the thing endlessly unspooling. Cool.
Got rid of the old ugly rusty gold light fixture in the laundry room. This was extremely frustrating for Doug. He gets up there and finds insulation that looks like it was possibly burnt by the wires, none of our wires were the right color they were supposed to be, and there was an extra one, or something he couldn't tell which one was supposed to be the ground. And two of the wires had to be wired together otherwise the lights in our bedroom and bathroom wouldn't work. Crazy! He was googling for hours trying to figure out what to do. It's working though and we haven't burnt the house down yet, so that's good! This house had been flipped before Doug got it, and we can tell they McGyver'd many a thing in the house.
Doug also added this slide chain, which alternately makes me feel safer and also like I live in a dangerous neighborhood (which I don't!) Our door window is high and the person outside is on a lower step so the window is useless to see who is out there. I thought the slide chain would be good to see who is out there and then decide to open the door or not. And if things go wrong I can always beat someone senseless with the metal bat Doug keeps by the door.
Doug also surprised me with a recreation of one of our first dates.
The living room tent under the stars.
And just like last year we got delicious pizza and laid in the tent in front of a 'roaring fire' and he asked me questions.
This year's date also included a s'mores upgrade
Another addition was a small annoying cat throwing her body at the side of the tent trying to get the tent strings, but anyway, it was a very nice date!

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  1. You guys really are the cutest couple EVER! Love it!!!!