Thursday, January 8, 2015


I was enjoying my job hunting and housewifeing, but I am now zooming ahead towards boredom.
I have applied for every job I am eligible for in my top 3 hospitals, and even a couple outside my favorites. I've spent the past couple days crawling around on the floor with a knife scraping off old bits of sticky stuff and paint spots from the wood floors, and scrubbing baseboards. And it's been so cold all I want to do is stay inside and bake. I was thinking about catching up on season 6 of Alias that I never saw at all. And if the library weren't such a cold drive away I might go pick it up. And of course I should get season 5 to jog my memory. It has been about 10+ years!
I've been working on a project for a new baby coming soon until my sewing machine kept jamming. So frustrating! The manual wasn't very helpful except to should me how to open up this spot and clean lint out.
So I did that and got out a huge ball of lint
oh man... my life is so boring I am blogging about lint!!.......
Anyway, I was excited because I thought that fixed it, but nope. So now I have to do some googling or get ready to shell out some $ at a sewing machine repair shop... wherever that is.
I did this little thing on facebook the other day where you check off the states you've been to
I can't even remember, but I think I have been to a couple more of those East ones. But that upper NW corner is looking pretty lonely! Would love to make it out to Montana someday, Glacier State Park, yes please! And might as well go see Forks, (WA) town of Twilight fame :)
September has been completely unphased by the single digit weather and goes out for hours. Then I'm calling her, imagining her frozen solid somewhere, but then she just strolls in hours later with her fur not even cold. She is such a wild thing in the mornings, jumping on everything, and eyeing my ponytail while I'm exercising- ready to attack. I just can't keep her cooped up inside. And then at night she's more snuggly
a little too snuggly, ow my neck!! She's been growing, and she's just normal cat sized now, and she's almost 10 months (full size?), but am I bad if I say I miss her little-abandoned-kitty-malnourished weight? She was so teeny and cute. I have fears of her turning into Doug's parent's obese cat. But so far she's just normal cat weight. September's 2015 goals: stay appropriately sized!

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  1. Please come deep clean my house, I'll pay you! :) Haha enjoy this time! Soon you will be working crazy hours and missing that housewife time!
    September is so cute!