Monday, January 12, 2015


This weekend flew by pretty quickly. Doug had to go into the office for some OT this weekend so I went with him. I sat in a desk nearby watching movies while he worked. The engineer he works under stopped by to check his work and he brought us lunch. It was a nice gesture, but pretty much the worst wendy's burger I have ever had (and I like wendy's burgers!) I think the problem was when Doug asked what I wanted and I said a jr. cheeseburger, no mayonnaise. And I got a cheeseburger with only mayonnaise on it. Haha. Oh well.
Later I made this cranberry sauce I love with the last of the season's cranberries. I wish they were in stock year round!
Saturday night we went to my old work's Christmas party. It was so nice of them to include me and fun to see everyone. Except getting ready for the party was not fun. I felt like I had nothing good to wear, I have lots of dress clothes, but not much cold-weather-nice clothes. And ended up in a dress that somehow got shorter as the night went on feeling like a shorter-fatter-Pretty-Woman wanna be in my dress. Part of that is my black boots are not real leather, under pants they are great, but other times I feel like they just look cheap. I have instated a 'no more fake leather boots' ban on myself ever since a pair of old boots just started peeling away, and have been replacing my cheap crap with more quality pieces as I see it on sale, just haven't found good black dress ones to replace these cheap fakes yet. And then trying to find jewelry also was not fun as I pull out tangled masses of necklaces half of which I don't even like!
So this morning I went through my closet and got rid of a bunch of stuff. And then the same thing with my jewelry box. I read some article a couple years ago that when you're shopping you should ask yourself if it makes you feel like a '10' and if not- don't buy it. Now, sometimes I feel like you need a couple '8s' because I don't need to look like a 10 while I'm just sitting at home or cleaning or whatever, but as I look at my discard pile, none of them were 10s. (Or a couple shirts I did love, just got shorter over the years :( ) and a lot of it was stuff I haven't worn in a long time, because I just don't like how it looks on! So I think that is some pretty good clothes shopping wisdom. I did tell Doug though that I would like to set aside some $ to go and buy a couple classic pieces so that I will have something to go to for that cold-weather-but dressy occasion.
This weekend I also spent some time scrubbing spots off my cabinets, and learned I can't even scrub too hard because the paint was scrubbing off! And Doug and I worked on interview prep questions.
We shopped at Lowes for a little kitchen microwave update project, and some water shut-off project he is going to do. They have the best workers there. The guy in the plumbing section was a retired plumber! And so Doug got to brainstorm and talk with this guy for free. Nice.
I think that was the end of my productivity for the day because I started in on season 5 of Alias while Doug put a new belt on my car. Yay! No more embarrassing squeaks!
Sunday, church (which was awesome), and free tacos. More Alias for me while Doug worked on stuff. My parents came over for a visit. Sometimes I don't like being the oldest child. Earlier in the week my mom sent me an email.. "if we die this weekend, mail the check on the counter..." Geez. They are doing some future nursing home insurance plan which is super expensive and they could (and hopefully will!) just live on healthy for the next 15+ years in the meantime wasting their money. I guess that's what insurance is all about though, a calculated risk. Anyway, I was asking mom why they want to do that and she said she doesn't think any of us would let them live with us!?! Which is crazy, and I reminded her today that Doug and I both said we would be willing to take care of our parents as long as we are able. So anyway. Heavy stuff.
Then for some reason Doug and I watched another scary/thriller movie right before bed. Prisoners with Jackman and Gyllenhall, really good, but better to watch during the daytime! We did not like how Christians were portrayed in the movie, but hopefully people can tell the difference between a real Christian and some crazy fanatic-gone-wrong "Christian".
This little kitty was laying with her head propped right on my foot

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  1. I like that shopping wisdom! I'm going to use that when I shop again!

    September is so cute!!