Friday, August 7, 2015

when life gives you zucchini

Ok so life didn't give me any zucchini but my friend Molly gave me a huge one.
Dad and Doug are spending the day working on the bathroom and I spent some time turning the huge zucchini into lunch. I followed this recipe Molly pinned on pinterest for Sweet Corn and Zucchini pie.
that zucchini was a foot long and big. I was jealous- she has huge zucchini and I grew 10 pea pods! haha, well she shares :)
sauteing, for the corn I just used 1.5 cups frozen corn, and I was running out of butter so sauteed in half butter/half olive oil
3 beaten happy eggs and cubed Dubliner sharp cheddar cheese
It smelled amazing, looked beautiful, and tasted great. My dad gave me a literal thumbs up. Doug liked it except for the onions (of course)
And for dessert, since I had another half of that monster zucchini, dark chocolate zucchini brownies! A recipe from Liz.
the secret is blending the cubed zucchini in with the wet parts so that you don't see identifiable zucchini bits
mixing wet and dry, and of course I added a good sized handful of Ghiradelli chocolate chips. My only other substitution was half almond milk/half applesauce for the yogurt, I'm not sure if it made a difference in taste/texture or not
I feel like they have a bit of a 'healthy' taste to them, but I liked them!


  1. OMG that zucchini and corn pie looks AMAZING!!!!

    1. You should try it, I think you would really like it if you like zucchini!