Tuesday, August 18, 2015

let there be light

Doug has been working putting up the drywall in the bathroom, and this last weekend he installed our new light fixture.
I really liked these clear seeded glass shades, except you could see some 3-4 inches of the lighting element, so I didn't really like that look
so we took those back to Lowes and got different shades, let there be different light!
(apparently I have different wattage bulbs in there)
I'm almost done with the repainting of the bathroom cabinets and we got a new top for our vanity. I had planned on saving the old one, but when we put it on the newly painted white vanity, the top looked really off-white, creamy colored and it had some dings that were bugging me anyway. So we found a new top at Menards.
The next step is the mudding and sanding of the drywall, we are planning to follow this YHL blog post, but let me just say I am not looking forward to it!
Other things around here, Doug and I went with some friends to the dream cruise this weekend, it was a HOT day! But we had fun with friends.
I have a sunflower bloom at last!
So tall! (our fence is about 6 ft and it is still taller than that) It actually looks a little droopy now though, hang in there sunflower!
I picked this cucumber, I had been waiting weeks to see if it would get bigger. Then I cut it up for Doug and I and it was so disgusting, I think those weeks I waited for it to get bigger it was just slowly rotting inside. It tasted sour and rancid, EW!
It finally is growing some more little friends, so this time I will pick them asap.
I had some time to relax in the hammock this weekend with this fancy chocolate Liz got me for my birthday. I finished my book club book, The Historian. It was good in the way that I did want to read and see what would happen, but when I was done I wasn't super happy that I'd invested all that time reading a 600+ page meh book. Not worth it.
Also for my birthday I got a new Jillian kickbox DVD and I did it this morning. Mixed feelings... I liked the music, I liked that Jillian wasn't super annoying and yelling as she is in her other videos, I liked that this time a "20 minute workout" was actually 20 minutes instead of 5 mins warm up, 20 mins workout, 3 min cool down. Plus one of her other dvds makes you watch this unskippable intro EVERYTIME. So that was good. I didn't love that it was only 20 minutes. I am a half hour exercise kinda girl. So I did 2 out of the 3 workouts together. I also didn't like that there are 8 some extra girls in the background. All I need is Jillian, and a beginner modifier girl and advanced modifier girl. I don't need all these extra back ups who are sometimes doing things wrong and just yelling and shouting unnecessarily. The last thing I didn't like about this dvd is that she doesn't switch legs at all! She does 2 sets of exercises so it seems like set 1 should be right leg, set 2 left. But she does both sets on the same leg. I hate that. Overall, the workout seemed pretty decent, seriously, how hot does she keep that room that those poor girls are dripping in sweat?! But I did feel a good hammy burn after all the kicks, and it was ok cardio.
(found those ratings online)


  1. Love the bathroom fixture! Bummer about the Jillian video, I usually like her videos but some def can get annoying!

  2. update: those punches were doing a lot more than I thought, woke up this morning and my back is super sore!