Friday, August 28, 2015

bathroom mudding

Yesterday Doug told me one of his friends was coming over to work on our bathroom, um, yes please! Doug has been doing all the mudding, I haven't done anything yet! So for the mere trade of some breakfast, and we're getting pizza for lunch, our bathroom is getting the 2nd (or 3rd) layer of mud as I type.
I used some kale from my garden
made an omelet from eggs from my nursing school friend's chickens and side of oven potatoes
Yes ladies, he's single.
But seriously, he is one of Doug's friends I really like and is super friendly and a nice guy. Unfortunately he's in between jobs now (hope he can find something soon!) but the good part of that is he's spending the morning working with us out of the kindness of his heart, thank you!
And good for me as I maybe can skip this mudding step, and then I'll be back in for priming/painting. We still have a ways to go with tiling the floor and replacing the toilet, then all the little things like re-trimming everything, but maybe 1/3 done?
This afternoon sometime Doug and I are headed up for a quick camping weekend. I just want to get away for a little bit. So some sitting by the fire, sleeping out under the stars, and plain ol' sleeping in, sounds wonderful. There is some kind of hot air balloon festival thing nearby tomorrow so we might do that too, or a little kayak, we'll see! Kinda nice having no plans :)

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  1. YUM that breakfast looks to DIE! Have fun camping!!!