Sunday, August 30, 2015

mini camping trip wknd update

Doug and I went "away" Friday/Saturday. But not too far.
why do 2 people going for one night need so much stuff?!
say hello to my little friend
the view from the back tent window
the view from the tent door, mom and dad's house!
I will definitely be returning to Ma and Pa's Campgrounds. The showers were hot, they even threw in a dinner on the grill and a pancakes breakfast! :)
It was just good to go away for a night.
The next morning Doug worked with Dad on some wood project he's trying and I made salsa and canned with mom.
That little mix made quite tasty salsa!
I also signed up for my RN -> BSN program, sigh, and started looking at the program/classes/homework online. After that we headed to a nearby town to see a hot air balloon festival. I think it wasn't really happening for several hours and it was starting to rain so we headed back home.
We were hungry so we stopped and got Thai to celebrate Doug's spontaneous raise he got at work, yay!
We ran a couple errands together and then settled in for a redbox. September is such a daddy's girl!
This morning was a new church, stillll hunting. And a friend's surprise birthday party. Then house cleaning/laundry for me, and Doug mowed and has been working in the crawl. He sanded the mud in the bathroom for a while, but we think we're going to hire his friend to do it, it's just not worth us being frustrated about it every day!
Yesterday we picked up this birdbath. We were at Meijer and they had stuff 50% off, the sticker said it was $29.99, so I thought, yeah I'd spend $15 on that. But then Doug checked out and it rang up as $29.99 and said it had been $59.99. Heeeeeyy! Shouldn't the tag say $59.99?? So I've got it set up, we'll see if the birds even come, or maybe I should just call and ask, I don't know. That's annoying though.
And in other news my new bible came! had said it was in "good" condition so might have highlighting/marks, but it is perfect, and hardcover, and all for just $7.
Right now I've got another Sweet Corn and Zucchini Pie in the oven for dinner and baking a batch of Toasted Almond Coconut Granola. Mmmmm
this time with added green peppers from mom's garden
It's the best!
We've got a half work week ahead and then heading out of state for a friend's wedding!


  1. Glad you finally got the Bible you wanted. :)
    Aww, I miss home. Why did you have to show pics of mom canning and cooking and then granola...

    1. Still under self-imposed budget with no room for travel, til Wiglet 2.0 goes to daycare! Excited to see you guys in March though. Which seems forever from now...

    2. Yes, I too miss these pics of home and canning with ma. The house looks beautiful!

  2. Aw that's so fun camping in your parents' backyard!! And that granola, yum!