Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I just turned 34 and so far so good.
I had always been excited for my "Jesus year", and while I did not save mankind from the consequences of sin (Jesus already did that!) 33 was a wonderful year full of good things such as finishing nursing school, getting married, crossing 2 more states off my travel list, getting a nursing job, and making a home with Doug.
34 started off with waking up early for work, wah wahhh, grown up life! But it was a good day. After work I came home and enjoyed a dinner my mom had cooked and brought over with Doug, mom, dad, and some out East family that was in town visiting. We enjoyed dinner and catching up and then I opened some gifts with cake and ice-cream.
(Doug had snuck this into my lunchbox)
all my loot!
I had asked mom for more nursing compression socks and then Elizabeth and Johnny got me some too, so now I have tons of socks! My cousin who is probably mid/late 20s was like 'what's going on!?!' it was funny because then I told her 'welcome to your 30s, your leg veins don't work any more', haha (but kinda sad and true)
Another thing I had asked for was The Kind Diet, and healthy eating/lifestyle book by Alicia Silverstone. Yes, the Clueless actress, but now awesome vegan and animal activist. (future blog post to come later) Anyway, apparently it didn't come in the mail yet so my mom made her own book for me:
It even reversed to show you the opposite of kind eating
haha, mom was quite pleased with herself :)
Doug got me one of those snowball plants that I've been eyeing in other people's gardens. The only problem is I was really wanting to focus on the landscaping here next year... it's been too crazy with painting the deck and the bathroom project and keeping my little garden going, I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle that yet. So I'm not sure what to do. Return it and buy it back in the spring? I don't think it could live thru winter in its bucket.
Lots of cards. Doug got me a musical one with cats meowing happy birthday, September went crazy hearing it
and even a homemade present! Joel (and Michelle?) somehow routed this sign, pretty cool.
Doug says one more present is still in the mail and we are going away for a short weekend trip this weekend to celebrate since I was working sat-mon. Yay!
I hope 34 will be full of wonderful adventures too!


  1. Great presents! I adore your mom's book, haha!!! Can't wait to find out where Doug is taking you and hear about your getaway, fun!!!! I'm excited to hear about the Kind diet too!!

  2. Dude, Mom's book is awesome, ahahaha! She should be pleased.

  3. Also, Michelle totally helped me with the sign. It was a team effort.