Friday, August 14, 2015

seriously, the last Stitch Fix

So after my last order I complained that I felt they had not sent me stuff in accordance with my preferences, setting me up to fail, and I asked for the styling fee to be refunded. (you pay a $20 styling fee each time even if you don't keep anything). They said they never refund those, but offered to send me one more box without the styling fee, so why not. Again I decided not to keep anything, but it was closer this time:
I liked the stripes, but a little too drapey in the front, and it came with a stain! bummer.
cute pattern, but not really for me
This I did like, even with the arm 'wings' but it was $48 and I couldn't do it. It was nice soft material and I liked the styling card that went with it. Maybe I can find something similar at Marshalls for like $20
I liked this pattern, but I can't seem to get these things to drap 'just right', and I really would probably just cocoon myself in it
I liked this pattern, it looks weird in the bust area I thought
the back was really cute
So yes, no more Stitch Fix, but it was a kinda fun short lived try.
Last night we had Liz and Mark over for dinner, grilled for them, then headed down to the dream cruise. It doesn't officially start till Saturday, but there were so many cool/old/interesting cars to look at. Doug really wanted to go and it was fun to sit out with friends.
Today we are off for a matinee of the new Mission Impossible, then more work on the bathroom before Doug's parents come for dinner. Fun day!


  1. What did you think of the new Mission Impossible?!

    Also, you are so tiny! Can you give me a day in your life of what you eat? I'm so curious :)

    1. I liked it! I thought it was suspenseful and fun, also no sex or swearing! Good. Thanks, I think that narrow back-of-door mirror may be flattering. Anyway, maybe I'll do one, but not today as it started with breakfast made by Doug: cheesy eggs and cheese bread (leftover pizza crust) lol

  2. What is this stitchy stitch... context please. :) Trying to catch up on your blog and not sure what this is. Do you order a bunch of clothes and then pay for what you keep? If so, that is a cool idea. If not, I should start that and make millions.

    1. they "style" you and send you a box with 5 items they think you'll like. You pay for what you keep and return (free return) what you don't. You are way behind! I've already seen it now for make up and even for dog treats/toys. Soon people will never have to leave the house or interact with other humans ever again!