Monday, August 10, 2015

bday getaway

Doug took me this weekend over to the West side of the state for a little birthday weekend. We had dinner and went to see Jim Gaffigan on Friday with friends
so we went over Saturday morning and spent Saturday/Sunday. He had booked a nice hotel and other than that the plan was just to play it by ear.
We started our road trip with some Culvers, that I promptly dropped a big chocolate blob on my white shirt
We got there early afternoon and spent a couple hours browsing the shops downtown. Then we went to our hotel and relaxed a bit before heading out to the Vandermill Cidery. We sat outside and enjoyed live music. I got a ginger peach hard cider and the black bean/ quinoa veggie burger
Doug got the Michigan meatlovers which he said was too much meat, I warned him!
Doug loved the music
Then we headed back into Grand Haven to watch the musical fountain (a huge fountain where they shoot water up in different lighted shapes in time with the music), the music was from Pirates of the Caribbean
It was a nice evening. The next morning we slept in and ate our hotel's yummy continental breakfast. We headed over to the beach to sit out and read and relax.
It was overcast so a couple chapters of my book, a little nap, a walk on the beach down the pier and we were ready to head home. Then Doug decided he wanted to go through Holland on the way home, so we headed over there. Most of their downtown shops were closed on Sunday but we got a couple cute things and went to New Belgium Brewery for a late lunch. I got the tempeh burger which was very blah and a side of potato salad that was like 90% mayo. I usually ask if it's very mayonnaise-y, but this time I didn't, and I regret it! Doug got a burger he said was ok. Then we headed home
On the way home I wanted some Eskimo Kisses ice cream so asked Siri where there was an Ashby's place, she said this:
Which was pretty random, but ultimately not helpful in the Eskimo Kisses hunt. So a last stop was made at Culvers to round out our weekend!


  1. Fun weekend!!!! Booo on the overcast beach day and the meh food in Holland though!

  2. I like how Doug gets meat lovers and you vegetarian, you guys are like the Democrat and the Republican who every year go to the polls and cancel out. Michelle and I would be too lazy for that (if we were voting opposites). So are you becoming a veggie person now??

    1. luckily we feel the same political-wise ;) I'm still thinking about going veggie/vegan. I do tend to eat that way when I'm out, at least at home with meat I know where I got it/ somewhat how it was raised...