Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Early Christmas Present

The other day I came to work and this giant was on my desk
There it is all settled into the condo, taking up 4 of the 750 sq ft. Also, when I was babysitting a few weeks back for my boss I noticed he had 2 copies of Home Alone and so I casually mentioned that the extra copy could come live at my house. So also on my desk I saw this
Home Alone 1 and 2! Which was very thoughtful of my boss, but totally defeated the purpose of me recycling his extra copy.
Oh well.
This weekend was a good one except I did hardly any studying. We had out of town family visiting so I went home Friday night, and then Saturday night we went down to Detroit for Noel night, and then Sunday I went to my parent's Christmas choir concert. Which meant I was super behind and stressed all Monday. But it was a really fun weekend. One of my dad's friends was over too and we all sat at the table for hours talking and laughing. My mom told me later that she was happy to hear me laughing again.
This whole year has been super hard on my parents. I can't imagine being a parent and having your daughter call you sobbing as often as I had this year. I have both really needed, and been super blessed to have them though. One time my mom did comment that it was hard for her to have me call her so upset all the time, and I said 'well I can either call you crying, or you can find me hanging in the closet, your choice'. She did not like that comment very much and was very check-up-y for the next couple weeks. I couldn't ever do that to my family, but I understand a lot more how people can feel there is no escape. I am so lucky that I have parents who love me so much, and support me, and every time encourage me to give my hurt and pain to God and to turn to Him for healing and comfort. It has been- I was almost going to write 'amazing', which seems like such an odd word for a woman who has been abandoned by her husband- but God has been amazing. And I have been very blessed to have such wonderful parents, siblings, and friends. I really don't know how people do this without Him.
(insert segue here)
(my English teacher always did say I was bad at transitions, turns out I still am)
I did get a little studying in on saturday though.
And Friday I made dinner
Delicious seasoned salmon, and trader joe's green beanies. No carbs for me, (besides that tasty beer) because I was bad at work and ate 2 bagels!! Curse you Panera Bread for your irresistible sesame seed bagel goodness.
Jill laughed so much about how huge the poinsettia was, but then the next day I saw she had placed presents under it. Haha, our substitute Christmas tree.
And lastly I made Oreo Truffles, which I thought I would just whip up for the last women's small group, but again I was mourning the loss of my food processor because it turned into a super annoying chore. One broken spatula and a lot of time later, they were done. And super tasty.


  1. Glad to hear you had a great weekend! And seeing Jill put presents are the tree is hilarious, love it! :)

  2. So many thoughts on this one:
    1. How is the Family Fun Edition of Home Alone different?
    2. I can't believe you said that to mom! :( I mean, I can believe you thought it though, but poor mom you know how she worries about all of us. :( Anyway, I'm glad you could never do that to us, please never do that! Anyway, I know it's been a really rough year for you. I think you did 'amazing' through it all though, with God's help. I'm really hopeful that 2013 will be turning a new leaf for you.
    3. I love the huge poinsettia too, that's awesome putting the presents under it! Michelle was feeling like our home just wasn't Christmasey enough without a tree (since we won't be here, we figured what's the point) so she got one of those little mini plastic ones, like 3 ft tall. It's actually nice, she put some presents under it and it does feel a bit more like Christmas.

    1. 1- you can fiiinnnd ooooouut!! :) we can all watch under the tree whilst waiting for Santa
      2- I know, but seriously, I thought it wasn't very good of her to say it was hard being my literal lifeline- I know it's hard, but necessary!
      3- I love those mini trees, why bother ever getting a big one?? And it fits perfect in one of those big storage tubs with all the xmas decorations