Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crockpot Caroling

Last weekend was another weekend that was mainly spent studying... Well, studying and cooking.
I made chicken and cheese sliders soo good, make these if you like to sweat while you eat. I accidently put in too much chipotle peppers, but yum!
Peppers, onion and garlic in the pot
Surely some chicken fell somewhere!
So easy - just simmer for 30 minutes!
A masterpiece.
The next day I studied a lot.
It was so hard to get into it. Back up was called in.
A little help staying awake please caffeine?
Another good thing about Christmas, (no comparison to the birth of our savior of course), but seasonally delicious, mint m&ms- yum!
Then Saturday night it was time for a break. Jill had been invited to a Crockpot and Christmas Caroling party, so we made a dump cake in the crock pot and she and I and another friend headed over. It was so fun! There were like 40 people and crockpots of amazing food everywhere. A lot of us all crammed into the living room and then we sang Christmas songs together. I loved it. My family is pretty musical, and we used to go door to door Christmas caroling to the neighbors. Not that I want to do it everyday, but it was really nice. I hope someday I have a home that I can open to friends and family and have a community of people in my life like that.
Sunday was church and more studying and more food making. This time I made a tortilla pie. I used to make this all the time, but haven't made it in awhile. I think it's coming back into the rotation, it's so good.
Mix the black beans, tomatoes, and salsa
Mash your pinto beans (hard work!) and add in the garlic (press- do not chop otherwise it's too garlicky!)
Beans ready to be layered
Get mad about the cheese being wasted stuck to the foil
Hot out of the oven
There should be a salad or something green on the side of this. Since I have been husbandless I have cared a lot less about balanced meals. But I should try and be better about this, I need vitamins too!
Well I'm happy to report all the studying paid off, I got an 'A' on my exam yesterday! And passed my one assessment class. Now all I have left is another final on Thursday and my first orientation day in the hospital tomorrow. I'm excited... and nervous.
Maybe after finals I will finally start sleeping better again. Last night I had super weird dreams I was at the house of this guy from my church and he was showing me his apartment where he had to share a bathroom with his landlord. And then he showed me this giant wall sized rack of bacon he was dehydrating, and I was going to have to hurt his feelings when he offered me a taste since I don't eat bacon. Dreams are so weird!


  1. 1. That crockpot parts sounds AMAZING!!!! I need to host a part like this!

    2. That tortilla pie looks incredible. I'm hungry just looking at it!

    3.Congrats on the A on your exam! And praying for you as you finish finals.

    4. I recently read drinking hot chocolate before bed can help you sleep better. Maybe try that one night? Just a suggestion!

    1. 1- I can totally imagine you hosting one, I would come! :)
      2- thank you, it is good
      3- thank you, and thank you I appreciate it!
      4- hmmm, sounds tasty anyway- but then I'd have to wake up at night and pee, tradeoffs!

  2. Congrats!!! You are so smart, I had no doubt! Donna Martin will be so proud of you!!!

    Which guy?!

  3. Mmmmm, dehydrated bacon please!
    It's clear from how you dream bacon is prepared, that you haven't eaten it in a long time haha