Monday, December 17, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls and Elf Party

Last week was my boss's birthday so I made him some cinnamon roll cupcakes with a recipe I'd been wanting to try for awhile.
rolling out the dough and spreading it with butter
covering it with brown sugar/cinnamon mixture
rolling it up
smushing it into baking tins
baking up unevenly
and frosted with cream cheese frosting
All in all, these were pretty delicious. This batch got a minute overbaked, but the next ones were ooey-gooey cinnabon-esque. Yum. But at the end of it, I threw the recipe away never to make again. They just took forever. The dough used yeast so I had to wait for it to rise, knead it, roll it out. Then the frosting used up all my cream cheese and a lot of butter.
If I was rich I would have a fridge full of butter. I love baking, but I hate using up all my butter all the time.
So this weekend we had our annual Elf party. At said party a bunch of the college friends get together and watch Elf (at least it plays in the background) while we eat and catch up and have a good time together. You are supposed to dress up like an elf as well. So this year I went to the salvation army looking for a green skirt. I found a 2x ladies shirt that I thought I could make into a skirt.
I cut the arms off and threaded the top with a ribbon to make a waist
added some snowflake earrings
a stripey scarf and almost matching stripey tall socks and I was off.
It was a fun night, lots of good food and seeing friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. We attempted a Christmas carol kareyoke but sadly youtube was a fail and the songs were mostly horrible midi files in a super high soprano key. Jill had warned me that maybe I ought to double ribbon my skirt waist and I thought 'nah, ribbon is always so hard to break through', turns out she was right. Toward the end of the night I was standing in the kitchen and looked down and my skirt was hanging down and I could see my underwear! I'm not sure anyone else saw but it was hilarious and I had to go tell the girls why I was laughing so hard. Whoops!


  1. Aw love your outfit, you look super cute!!

  2. LOL! i love that you took down a 2x skirt for your outfit. very creative. as i was reading about your delish cinnamon rolls i was day treat? i'll buy the butter and help knead!!!! but you'd have to take the recipe out of the trash :(

    1. haha! yes, please pack a pound of butter in your suitcase ;) or we can drive to the mall and split a real cinnabon! :)

  3. Sounds like if you were rich, you'd be rich and fat!

  4. how about both (mall cinnabon and homemade)?! the official christmas break tasting contest! cmon, cmon.

    michelle being rich == michelle being fat

    1. mmmm... don't tempt me! bad michelle! ... but yes, lets do it :)