Friday, December 14, 2012


Here is a pic of what I didn't see last night:
Last night was supposed to be the peak of the Perseids Meteor shower. So 11:30 pm last night, me and Becks went and sat out on the sidewalk in my pjs, coat, and boots, but I didn't see a thing. Becks was not impressed at all and used his stargazing opportunity to take a poo on the lawn.
We live just outside of downtown so maybe it was too much city lights, it would have been guaranteed awesome at my parent's house in the country, but too late to drive there on a work night, too tired.
The last time something came around I faithfully set my alarm for 3am and went out to see something, and clouds. Maybe someday I'll see something!
My top celestial dream would be to see aurora borealis, someday, someday.
Anyway, I passed all my exams! So I can continue on in my program. Now I get to enjoy almost 3 weeks of freedom and visiting with my family. I still have some reading I have to do over break, but not as crazy as it's been. Yay!


  1. This is so funny that I just read this because my coworker was just telling me saw 9 shooting stars last night in their new hot tub. So I didn't see anything either, lame!

    Congrats on passing your exams and 3 weeks off. Lets get together soon, I miss you friend!!

  2. p.s. In Colorado the stargazing opportunities abound. I could probably see Aurora Borealis from the top of Horsetooth Mt, if I wanted to :P