Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Visitor

My brother was in town last weekend! I feel like I looked forward to it all month, and it was over so fast. But good times, good talks, great laughs.
I went to stay at my parent's house for the weekend and mom made all Joel's favorite meals, we watched movies, jumped in huge leaf piles, talked and did some work. Joel came to help my parents chop and cut up logs from our woods for their wood-burning stove. I was exempt from most of the labor to study for my first nursing exam.
I did take a couple breaks to work on my wreath:
I had gone to a craft night at a friend's and got sticks from her backyard. But I only had monofilament thread at the time and it was all loose and limp. So I used wire to rewrap it to 2 wreath-afied coat hangers.
Then I made some fabric flowers and sewed them on. Ready to add maybe a sprig of beads or something holiday-esque and send it off to my friend for Christmas!
So, about that exam, I felt like I was really prepared for my exam, I had read all the chapters, attended and took notes in every class, studied for hours and hours, had mom and Joel quiz me - but the test was pretty terrible. Our professor let us write our answers on a seperate piece of paper and 'self-check' at a table in the front of class to see how we did. I was doing pretty good at first, but then wrong-wrong-wrong. I could feel the tears start to fall and drop all over the answer sheet! It was just such a frustrating feeling, to work so hard just to do terrible anyway and not know what you could have done differently. Later quite a few classmates said they did bad and not to worry, she'll curve. But we'll see. How horrible to try for years to get into nursing school and fail out in the first 6 weeks. It's just so much pressure, and 77% is 'failing'. When we came back into class our professor made us write what we were thinking on a post-it, and then she told us to 'sit on it', it was in the past and to move on. Anyway, hopefully it's not as bad as I think....
Anyway, other pics from this weekend:
Joel quizzing me (whilst eating delicious snickerdoodles)
super yummy beef brats
pumpkin shakes from our favorite icecream place where we both used to work, I made mine chocolate-pumpkin, yum
Ahhh, miss this guy! Looking forward to Christmas for more family time. My brother is coming back with his wife, and my sister and her bf. Can't wait.


  1. I'm glad you had a good weekend with family, those are always the best!

    I'm sorry about the exam! I know how frustrating that is and I am sure she will curve it!:)

  2. Sorry it was so rough on you, including the self-checking :(

    Have you started a study group yet with other students? Sometimes I find the best learning strategy is to talk things out with others. Might be your learning style, but only one way to find out. (I know you talked with mom, but other students might have other ways of thinking - mom can only provide one).

  3. I used to work at an ice cream place too! I didn't know you did!! :)