Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Oh my gosh, 3 weeks into classes and already all I ever do is study. Stress! Our first day of class our professor told us that there are people in the room whose marital statuses won't be the same 2 years from now as they are today, I secretly thought that it couldn't get any worse for me, but in general I thought that was a terrible thing to say to a room full of hopeful young nurses (and also hopefully people whose marriages will have some extra grace and patience shown to each other these next 2 years!)
Here are some pics from cooking two weekends ago, or last week, who even knows, it's all starting to blur together:
My favorite butternut squash burritos, Jill's super yummy chicken noodle that helped get ride of my aweful cold, and cranberry chocolate chip muffins.
Big kitchen news was that we got some really nice roll out shelves installed in the cabinet, so I could stop digging thru my big legal box of food I brought when I moved in.
After: Jill was so excited to unpack!
Although I do still have 2 shoeboxes of spices, no good way to organize those bad boys without a huge drawer... oh well, nurse bucks dream kitchen someday...
I also made a new yummy chili:
can I have some please?
And now my life is always this:
Nursing book mandatory.
Dog optional.
I better like being a nurse because becoming one is a LOT of work!!!


  1. You're studying to become a nurse! I LOVE that! New chapter, new passion :)

    ALL of that food looks amazing!

  2. I want some of the chili and the muffins and... well all of it. YUM!
    I'm drooling over that amazingly organized pantry. LOVE!
    Good luck with nursing school! I know you are doing great and am so excited for this new chapter in your life! But when are we going to get together? Miss you!

  3. Nice work with the studying! I'm proud of you and I know you can do it. I do also think it mighta been kinda mean what your professor said, but since he's probably not a Christian, probably realistic too. Maybe he is just trying to be clear: THIS WILL BE A OF WORK!

    Michelle and I were looking to do something like that with the pull-out shelves. Sounds like you like it so far. Where'd she get hers?

    1. pull out shelves are working great! but they are kind of expensive. Jill bought 3 kits (each one was one for taller and one for shorter) and they were like $90 each from Home Depot. but they seem really good and can hold a lot of weight