Thursday, November 15, 2012


Oh no! I lost one of my mittens! :( This mitten came all the way home with me from Peru and lived happily in my coat pocket until it must have fallen out somewhere. I was sad. I'm debating making a flyer.
So, I passed the test. She must have curved a lot, but I'll take it! She put a little note in the place where you go online to check grades for me that said: "I'm sorry you were so upset, please make an appointment with me to go over your test." And I will, gladly! I want to know how I can study differently to do my best. I had another test this morning and I felt went really well. I met yesterday with a girl after class and we got lunch and studied together for hours. Besides her offering me some ritalin, um.. no thanks, I think the study buddy plan worked really good for me and I will do that again in the future!
Then I went home and made some dinner and watched Modern Family. I wish I knew how to insert clips into this blog because there was a scene with Phil on an accidental gay date and I literally laughed out loud while watching, wish I could share, sorry.
I can share my love for delicious butter chicken. Ok, seriously, if anyone reads this blog and has not gotten this yet - you are only cheating yourself. I have blogged over and over about how delicious it is. And no, I don't work for Kitchens of India... but I would love to... anyway, and don't think 'oh I'll never use all 6 packs' because you will, you will.
I added my usual chopped broccoli and yummy, so good.
Jill taught me that trick to wet a napkin and stick it over the rice cooker hole so it won't sputter its gelatinous cooking water everywhere and gum up the counters. I remember registering and I thought, nah, I can just toss rice and water in a pot, but I do like the rice cooker. Maybe someday I'll buy one, but I want one with a stainless steel insert so I'm not eating all the teflon/aluminum lining over the years, they are a lot more expensive though. Maybe I'll stick with my pot. We'll see..
Then I finished off the rest of this bar I was hoarding and studied some more!


  1. I want you to make the butter chicken for book club one time so I can try it!

  2. Btw- I'm so glad to hear you passed your test!!

  3. YAYAYA for passing your test and butter chicken. I'm totally making this next weekend after I get through Thanksgiving cooking. Thanks! :)

  4. Nice job on the test. I just realized, she probably realized you were upset from all the teardrops spattered on your quiz! Kinda not funny... but also kinda funny in a way :)

    I put that butter chicken stuff on my Amazon wishlist. But I "wish" instead you had just made it for me while I was home! Much easier...

    Totally you should buy a rice cooker, what are they, ten dollars? Haven't used the stainless steel version but I like the teflon one. You just poop it out anyway, that's basically what olestra was, haha, but this is only a few molecules. I'll try Jill's napkin trick though.

    1. the steel ones are $65-175... yeah, I do wonder about molecules. That's one thing too, I used to pay like $5 for a bottle of vanilla but my chemical engineer friend said imitation is just one thing off, so I switched and now it's like $1 per gallon :) haha

      ok, I will make you food when you come to *my* kitchen, mom didn't have any of the necessary stuff!