Friday, November 2, 2012

buy one, get one free

Last weekend the car lot was running a special: buy one, get one free.
They didn't say that the free one was a GIANT NEST
Last saturday a craigslist guy came and bought my beloved trusty saturn. So I bought my mom's old car off her, and she got a new car last month. I had a friend drop me off at my parent's saturday night to get it. Right away I noticed it was not running that great. It would barely accelerate and going up a small hill I noticed my speed dropping from 55, to 40, to 30 while the pedal was to the floor. Anyway, it was dark and cold and in the country so I abandoned going to the party I was going to and just went home. I stopped by an autozone that miraculously happened to still be open and got the codes checked. It was blowing codes for ignition coils at $104 each. Not great news when you just got a 'new' car. Anyway, the next day I opened the hood and saw that beauty. I was really glad I hadn't opened the hood for the autozone guy... 'oh pardon that giant nest... didn't see that there'... that would have been so embarressing!
This nest was perplexing in that in the nest I found 3 different shirts of my dads. I knew they were shirt rags from the basement- but how did they end up in the hood of the car under the carport 100 yards away!? Later my mom solved the mystery and said they were rags from repainting the barn and they were just in a box outside. Not as exciting as the riveting tale I was imagining of the squirrel smuggling them out of the basement, but oh well..
Anyway, good ol' dad came to rescue me again. The great news was that whatever animal had only chewed up some wire which he was easily able to solder and it was as good as new! (the other good news is that I didn't find any engine chopped up animals in the nest, extra glad for that!)
(chewed up wires and removed nest)
I got to return the parts and now it's running great. Hope this car can make it to a quarter-million miles too!


  1. I'm glad to hear you didn't get stranded somewhere like Leonard Annie! I keep imagining autozone guy's reaction: " let's have a look ma'am...agghh, why is there a huge clump of grass and blood spattered rags??!" Hahaha

  2. so sorry about your bad luck :(. i could not believe this when joel told me. i'm glad that dave was able to fix it though and now we can all laugh at the ridiculous-ness of those animals!

  3. It's the 2nd attack waged on Wigton cars from the mice! Remember how they built a nest inside my Prizm's heater core? At least your nest is easy to get to! I turned on my heater blower fan full blast on the first cold day of the fall only to be covered with mousey/feathery/poopy/needley bits! awful..

    That woulda been so hilarious for the AutoZone guy to see that. "I'm not sure what's wrong, can you check the codes? Oh, just ignore that nest.."

    Laaaast story.. the time my EV broke down *at* Autozone.. so ironic and embarrassing. One guy walks over when I popped open my hood. "Wow! What's that, batteries?" I'm thinking go away, I'm stranded here with my supposedly reliable car! Haha

    1. haha, yeah I totally imagine that voice Liz makes when she makes the 'awkward Joel' impression... hurridly stuffing the nest back down... 'oh- don't mind that...' haha!

      and yeah, what a non-helpful store too for you to break down at. Not applicable! You need like a Battery Depot or something :)

  4. Hahaa what!! This sounds like an impression that goes on to this day. I'm glad a decade later people are still having a laugh at my expense. :)