Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was another busy good one. On Friday I went to dinner at a friend's house. She is an amazing cook. She made lentil potato soup, a salad (with more than just lettuce- like my typical 'salad') topped with these uh-maze-ing homemade croutons, and then roasted veggie sandwiches smeared with goat cheese. And then german chocolate cupcakes for dessert. So spoiled. And she sent me home with more food too.
And we went to a comedy night. It was really a good, funny night.
The next day was a homework/study day. But I also made a penne recipe (still not as good as my friends!) >:( (altho I think I used the whole box of pasta, and it only asks for 8oz.)
And I shopped for my Operation Christmas Child box. My friend's church did that this year and I made a box for her to turn in for the kid's around the world.
The loot:
A kite, a ball that claims to bounce 75 feet, my favorite- a glow in the dark star wars puzzle, toothbrush and toothpaste, a hat, candy, colored pencils, paints, light up yo-yos, and another favorite, that fun fuzzy bird pen. I want one!
I'm happy to make one more child have a smile on Christmas :)
I also made some more stuffed peppers and carrots to drop off to my friend who just had a sweet little baby boy
(no picture of baby boy, just of the food, whoops!)
And Sunday was a fun day with church in the morning, and then the long-awaited Breaking Dawn 2!!!
which wasn't my favorite, but really good. Always good to stare at that gorgeous vampire face.
I snuck in a couple of these cookies:
You are dead to me freak chocolate-less cookie!!!
And then book club at my friend's house. Great food and great friends.


  1. LOL! Poor chocolate-less cookie. I mean, I wouldn't eat it either...eww.

    Joel probably told you that I broke down and watched ALL the Twilight movies so that I could watch the final one. It looked so good in the previews that I thought it worth my time. Joel and I are going to watch them all again too! Who would've thought.

    P.S. your penne looks DELISH :)

    1. 'broke down'?? sounds like hours WELL SPENT :) I'm glad you guys are going to watch them together, fun! Did you like the last movie?

  2. Aw you are so sweet, but I bet your baked ziti was delish! Sounds like you had a great weekend, I want to see the last Twilight movie so bad!

    I have the last week of Dec off so if you want to get together one of those days or in Jan that sounds great to me, miss you friend!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, love you!!