Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Review

This past weekend was a really fun one. Friday I went to help my friend Lois pack up her townhome to move to Mississippi with her new husband. After that we had pizza, cake and ice-cream to also celebrate her birthday. There were lots of laughs and good times. But I will miss my friend!
Saturday after a lazy day of laundry and movies, my friend Liz and I went over to another friend's Erin's for dinner. Her husband grilled us chicken and we had corn on the cob and tons of various dips and desserts from Liz's business. Then Liz and I started our triathalon training by swimming in the lake they live on. That's the one thing I'm not very excited about for the triathalon; I'm not a great swimmer, I don't like being where I can't touch, I hate being by fish, and I'm afraid of drowning. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good swim and we felt encouraged that we can actually do this! After the swim Erin's husband took me for a quick tube ride - awesome! And then we all went out on the boat to watch the fireworks. Such a great night.
Sunday after church I had a couple friends over for dinner.
Rachel is a vegetarian so I get to make some of my favorite vegetarian stuff. So I made butternut squash burritos (love), veggies with Liz's basil-black pepper hummus, strawberry lime slushies to drink, and for dessert Liz's chocolate ganache cake and banana creme pie. So good! Then ended the day reading book 3 in the Mark of the Lion series. It was a really good weekend.

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  1. wow! sounds like a fantastic time and totally awesome you're training for a triathlon!! i know what you're saying about swimming in the lake...who knows what's in there?! srsly took your brother an hour to calm me down enough to swim to the other side of the lake :)...haha. ridiculous, i know.