Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Forgot

Yesterday Venus crossed the sun. And I forgot to watch it.
Way back in 2010 I first heard about this celestial appointment and I wrote it in my planner. (yes, I use a paper planner, I'm old school). Then I transferred it into the 2011/2012 planner, still not really knowing what it was. Earlier this year I found out it would be in June and so I wrote it into June's month. I even read about it yesterday online. But come 6pm, I completely forgot.
I had to stay late at work unexpectedly, and I had to then race to my counseling appointment. So at 6 pm I was probably running into his office, and I guess I didn't even notice when I came out of there and drove to small group.
It wasn't till about 9:30pm when I was driving home that I realized. And my jaw literally dropped as I realized.
It wasn't the hugest deal. I'm not some budding astronomer or anything, but it was just funny that I'd waited 3 years to see it and then completely forgot.
Oh well, here's a google picture of what I missed
And here's a link to an article with really neat pictures and a video.

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  1. Dang, I missed it too! Garth was running at Kensington and he saw all these guys with telescopes pointed to the sky and he had no idea why, lol. Now we know, thanks! :)

    P.S. I use a paper planner too!!! It is way better!