Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dinner for One

I have not been very inspired to cook lately. With Andrew gone I'm really realizing how much I liked cooking for him. I liked making sure he had plenty of healthy food, and lunch packed, and fancy food sometimes, and I liked making his favorites for him. I just liked serving him.
With him gone it's been a lot of scrambled eggs.
I've actually had a few days recently where I've felt more like myself again. It took about 5 months, and of course I'm not even out of the woods yet, but my counselor said I should be encouraged that if I had 1 day where I felt like 'me' again - then I should be reassured that there will be more in the future. That was good to hear. But yeah, one day at a time.
Part of feeling like 'me' again does include eating healthy and exercising. And even without Andrew here to cook for, I still need to cook for me. Some eats lately:
Refried bean tostadas with roasted veggies. Super good.
Taco salad with sour cream/salsa dressing. Yum.
7 layer bean dip I made for a party (seeing a pattern of how much I love Mexican food??)
And a mini meatloaf with roasted veggies on the side.
Last night I went to a friend's to watch the Bachelorette. She is such an amazing cook. Barely follows a recipe, just everything is wonderful. Last night she made rice cooked with butternut squash, stirred in ground turkey, topped with stirfried onions, red pepper and garlic and topped with this sauce. We were practically breathing fire as we ate it, but it was so good! And who would have thought of that combo. Tasty.


  1. These all look delicious! You're making me hungry... ;)

  2. These all look delish! You go girl!