Friday, May 30, 2014


Yesterday Doug and I had another pre-engagement/pre-marital counseling. Stan had given us an assignment to write our own vows. Not necessarily to use in our wedding, but to talk about our feelings and to express what it means to us to vow our lives to one another. Ever my style, I had writer's block until the night before. But I did it. So at our session Stan read them both, and then had us read each others. His were good. Real good. It brought out a couple tears, which I tried to wipe away nonchalantly, but Stan was joking "oh take a kleenex Anne, I don't charge extra for those". And then I had to talk about why it made me cry, it wasn't enough to just say they were sweet, oh no, not on Stan's watch. So we talked about why they meant what they did. It was good.
Tonight we were supposed to double date in Ann Arbor with Jill but plans went a little awry so Jill, Doug, and I went to Royal Oak. We got mexican for dinner and walked around a bit and then got icecream. Mmmmm... eskimo kisses
hey I didn't know mine was going to be triple the size of theirs, no judgment, but not that I'm complaining too much....
also this picture makes me want to say "big---meaty----claws---" in a voice like Mr. Krabs in spongebob, haha.
Anyway. And here we are enjoying a lovely spring evening
I have also been working on some crafts lately. A little peek:
Normally I like to knit baby hats for friend's having babies, however, all the recent friends having boys and/or spring/summer babies put me in a quandary. I don't really want to spend all that time knitting if no spring/summer baby is going to wear it because it's too hot. So I've been thinking of other crafty baby gifts.
And speaking of babies, shout out to Jenna and her new baby girl, happy birthday Hope!


  1. I love Stan, he sounds like such a great counselor!!